Soup day event

Radio nfa collaborates with Waitakere unitech student to feed the community with soup and good music.

Radio NFA started going live at 11:30am playing to the crowd that gathered.

12noon M.C. Robbie D made announcements about what the day would involve and thanking Auckland city library,Kai Auckland,Auckland city council and Jake and Melanie from Waitakere unitech bachelor of Social services for offering their services to make soup.

12:15pm-Soup was served to the community and was thoroughly enjoyed by all,not just the rough sleepers whom were there but the general public as well.The soup went faster than we had hope but was a very successful day.

12:40pm M.C. Shadow interviewed 3 members of the homeless community i.e.Richard a former rough sleeper,Jackson-A current rough sleeper and Savannah-A former female rough sleeper.All were asked about their experiences as rough sleepers and what there current situation is now.Richard spoke first and set the theme for the day,then Jackson whom spoke about what is going on for him now and to rap up the day of interviews Savannah whom touched on what she experienced from a female prospectus.

1pm-M.C.Robbie D rapped up the day with some final notices about 10 things you didn’t know about the library e.t.c then we finished off with some refreshing sounds to end the day.

1:30pm-Day comes to an end.

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