John A.K.A. Hone Heta

Dj and Interviewer

Ko Tarawera taaku maunga

Ko Puarenga taaku awa

Ko Te Arawa taaku iwi

Ko Tuhourangi taaku Hapu

Ko Hone taaku ingoa

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R.J.N Mauri A.K.A Shadow

Dj and Musician

Now that Im in a house Im still finding it a little hard to adjust to inside living, but still sleep out-side occasionally. I LOVE Animals like Fish Beef Pork and Lamb, and Chicken too. And now Im just happy growing older with new good friends that I can trust and can actually trust me and watching my kids grow.

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Robert Smith A.K.A Robbie D

Radio DJ

My Passion inline with Radio NFA is to raise peoples awareness about Homelessness. engaging them to openly analyze and share their view, experiences and their passion through the medium of Radio.

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