Radio NFA DJs

John A.K.A. Hone Heta

Te Arawa, Tuhourangi

Ko Tarawera taaku maunga
Ko Puarenga taaku awa
Ko Te Arawa taaku iwi
Ko Tuhourangi taaku Hapu
Ko Hone taaku ingoa

Kia ora my name is John Heta and I am one of the original co founding members of Radio NFA from its beginnings in Feb 2014. I got involved in this project because it gave us an chance to voice our opinions.

I know, why? Because I was one of those rough sleepers and had been for 4 years. I recently just got my housing after so long and trying to make a difference in my life as well as others, I’ve come so far with radio NFA that it has given me the chance to fully commit and change my life for the best through teaching and sharing what i have been taught through AUT and Auckland city council.

I now have been accepted to do the diploma of Adult Education which begins in 2016 and am working towards that goal through the kind people whom have accepted and believe in me. I am also learning to speak Te reo Maori and hope that my journey continues on from there.

So stay tuned and hope you follow my journey with me.

Kia ora and much love.


R.J.N Mauri A.K.A Shadow

Cook Island/ Tahitian

I am a founding member of Radio NFA “Mo ngā Tangaata. Im one of those guy that don’t need much Father of 3. Musician, Studying theatre/ Radio/ Photography Been homeless most of my life and I know the in’s and out’s of the transient life-style. Living happily now trying hard to get my life sorted keeping myself occupied with Radio/Theatre/Photography.

Now that Im in a house Im still finding it a little hard to adjust to inside living, but still sleep out-side occasionally. I LOVE Animals like Fish Beef Pork and Lamb, and Chicken too. And now Im just happy growing older with new good friends that I can trust and can actually trust me and watching my kids grow.


Robert Smith A.K.A Robbie D

I am 1 of 6 members of the community pop-up radio station “Radio NFA” ‘Mo Ngā Tangaata Broadcasting/Podcasting here in Tamaaki Makaurau & online. Focusing on the Tapu topics of Homelessness in all its shapes and forms, from sleeping rough to couch surfing to sleeping in vehicles. With an insight into the lived experience of sleeping rough, experiencing homelessness on a personal level.

My Passion inline with Radio NFA is to raise peoples awareness about Homelessness, engaging them to openly analyse and share their views, experiences and their passion through the medium of radio.